Gad Elmaleh, comedian

This guy is funny.

Stand-up comedian and actor, Gad, is one of France’s best exports right now. In 2015 he moved to New York City and began an American tour entitled “Oh My Gad”. He’s as funny in English as he is in French.

The 46-year old Gad has led a very interesting life. Born in Morocco to Jewish parents, he was raised in a culturally diverse environment, speaking Arabic, Hebrew, English and French. His father was a mime artist. He went to high school in Casablanca, then studied political science at the University of Montreal before moving on to Paris in 1992 to study drama.

He had a relationship (and a child) with Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of Prince Rainier of Monaco and American actress Grace Kelly. Their son, Raphaël, was born in December 2013. As Raphaël’s parents were not married, Gad is not included in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne. The couple split in June 2015.


Here she is here, Princess Charlotte, looking just like her mother, Princess Caroline, daughter of Grace Kelly


In the States, Gad has been dubbed “the French Jerry Seinfeld”. But I find him funnier, with a lot more finesse. He sees the world through a vastly larger lens than Seinfeld does. Here he is here:



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