Fashion Week in Paris – editors’ guide to Paris

I approve most of the addresses on this list (see New York Times article below.) The only missing details are the arrondissement numbers after each street name. Example: 14 rue Molière, 75001 (1st arrondissement) or 5 rue du Nil, 75002 (2nd arrondissement.) Parisians need to know this. I’m surprised the punctilious copy editors at The New York Times didn’t spot (or know) this.

If anyone’s interested … the postal code for Paris is 75. Divided into districts called arrondissements which coil around the city like a snail, there are twenty of them (75001 to 75020). Inside joke: there are so many French citizens living in London that Parisians call London the 21st arrondissement.

The Right Bank (north) and the Left Bank (south) are divided by the river Seine, with the arrondissements spiralling clockwise from the center. 

For Parisians, each arrondissement has its own flavor, status and identity. The très chic 6th, for example, (75006) where you’ll find the impossibly posh Le Bon Marché department store, the café Flore on the boulevard Saint-Germain, the fashionable little streets behind and some gorgeous museums and boutiques. Or the equally trendy 3rd and 4th arrondissements which is the Marais district. I could go on and on, but maybe I’ll save this info for another blog post.

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