Air France launches new low-cost Joon

Air France is unveiling a new airline aimed at millennials whose “lifestyles revolve around digital technology”, the carrier has announced.

Scheduled to start in December, Joon will offer an innovative and offbeat experience to its “young and connected” jet-setting clientele, claims Air France.

Does this mean that “old and unplugged” baby boomers won’t be allowed on? asks Juliet in Paris.


Air France says that 40-year-old passengers would be allowed to fly Joon, however it is unclear whether passengers who fall further outside the millennial age bracket will be welcome onboard. It is also unclear whether cabin crew must be millennials.

Short-haul routes to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto begin in December, before flying to Fortaleza in Brazil and Seychelles at the end of March 2018. Single fares to the European cities will start from 39 euros, while fares to Brazil will begin at 249 euros and Seychelles flights will start at 299 euros.

“This generation has inspired us a lot,” says Caroline Fontaine, VP Brand at Air France, describing millennials. “Epicurean and connected, they are opportunistic in a positive sense of the word.” (they are??)  “They know how to enjoy every moment and are in search of quality experiences that they want to share with others. Joon is a brand that carries these values.”

2 thoughts on “Air France launches new low-cost Joon

    • Well, exactly … I had the same thought. It seems odd to exclude a large demographic (children, teens, baby boomers and beyond) to focus only on one group. How cost effective will that be in the long run?

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