rue de la Sourdière

Tucked discreetly behind the Place du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris’s 1st arrondissement is an unassuming narrow street where you’ll find one of the city’s best sushi restaurants and a leather goods shop.

Here’s what people are saying about JIN, located at number six rue de la Sourdière.

Without a doubt Jin, along with Okuda, is one of the great Japanese tables in Paris, and an experience in and of itself. it costs between €55 and €125 a head, but save up and will be worth it from the very first sip of sparkling sake. The sushi-bar feel has a sober decor of imported Japanese wood, with nothing to distract the diner from her dinner. There are only twelve seats, set around the chef’s workstation, and it’s here you eat and watch the work of chef Takuya Watanabe (Taku) – aloof and imposing, he already heads up four other restaurants in Sapporo.

To be clear, you don’t come to Jin for a boozy catch-up with your mates – all attention here is focused on the food. Taku and his chef’s ritualised preparation is mesmeric, as they repeat their cutting and slicing motions with the precision of a couple of metronomes, working on fresh fish pulled from Japanese cypress-wood boxes or modelling sashimi by hand with translucent rice. Service is thoughtful and discreet. It’s an almost pointillist meal, all the dishes served separately – a piece of raw lobster with a spinach leaf here, a lightly acidic monkfish liver there, or perhaps sea urchin sushi. Everything is done with extreme finesse, the flavours strong and distinct, the light-handed seasoning measured out by the millimetre, like freshly-grated wasabi root without a hint of sweetness. (TIME OUT magazine)

A new showcase for Japanese cuisine, right in the heart of Paris, Jin is first and foremost about the know-how of Takuya Watanabe, the chef, who comes from Sapporo. Before your eyes, he creates delicious sushi and sashimi, using fish sourced from Brittany, Oléron and Spain. The whole menu is a treat. (MICHELIN GUIDE)

As for the leather goods shop located at number eleven, laContrie is an independent family-owned boutique and workshop. Handbags, belts and accessories are entirely hand-crafted.

Another recommended restaurant located at 24 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré is L’Absinthe.

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