Trump’s imminent trip to Paris

Donald Trump is due to arrive in Paris in exactly thirteen days. For reasons we do not understand, French President Emmanuel Macron invited him to attend the Bastille Day celebrations on July 14th.

We the People don’t want him in France. We don’t want him in Europe. We don’t want him in the White House leading the free world because he is neither a leader nor a role model. He’s a smarmy real-estate developer who received a massive inheritance from Daddy, then went on to declare bankruptcy six times. He’s a former reality TV host, a purveyor of Trump Steaks, and a president-elect who lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million.


Huckster Trump. You can keep your steaks.

He is unworthy. He is undignified. His personal and puerile attacks on various individuals, mainly women, have debased the presidency, not to mention himself. He is vulgar, incompetent and utterly unqualified to hold the office of President of the United States of America, and that goes for his entire creepy family.

“The most extraordinary and profound electoral mistake America has made in our lifetimes and possibly ever.” Charles Blow writes in his scathing article in The New York Times (link below.)

No other President in the history of that nation has ever behaved in such a disgraceful fashion. My American friends and my cousins in California: I feel for you. But we non-Americans are hurting too. Overall, we love America … but not this one.

Respect to Ana Navarro, Nicaraguan-American Republican strategist and political commentator, who unequivocally slammed Trump publicly. She refers to him as “this disgusting dude.”  See video below.

8 thoughts on “Trump’s imminent trip to Paris

  1. Dear Juliet,
    Trump is more then a disgusting dude , he is dangerous and unpredictable. But unfortunately he seems to still have strong supporters- his latest fiasco with Mika B from Morning Joe was disgraceful but he is distracting from the abominable healthcare act. Our nation is in trouble under this leadership or should I say, lack of it.
    Also confused as to why Macron would invite him to share in the festivities on Bastille Day? What’s the consensus in France as to this move?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for writing. According to Le Monde newspaper, the invitation was extended to “reaffirm the strong ties of friendship between France and the United States, and to reinforce their already strong cooperation in the fight against terrorism and their economic partnership.”

      All good reasons, I guess, but President Macron is barking up the wrong tree with Trump for the simple reason that at this moment there is no leadership in the USA.

    • And yet more crazy antics today (Sunday). It won’t stop. Somebody has to stop him. I guess he doesn’t listen to his wife, daughter, son-in-law …

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