Macron in the lead!

macron one

Standing in front of my television set and watching the 8 pm evening news as today’s election results were announced: Emmanuel Macron in the lead at 23.7% and Marine Le Pen at 21.7%, I shouted a loud and resounding whoop of joy. Impulsively, I then ran to the window, flung it wide open, and uttered a second whoop into the street (I’ve never done that before in my life.) Passers-by looked up in surprise. “Macron!!” I shouted gleefully, and two people gave a thumbs-up sign. So exultant I am that Macron is in the lead, I couldn’t help myself.

Centrist, pragmatic, pro-European Union, young (39 years old), economically liberal and pro-business, he is not a socialist but on the left on social issues. France desperately needs new blood. France desperately needs to rid herself of those stale, corrupt, arrogant, last-century, political dinosaurs of the past. Hopefully Macron will personify the new France of the 21st century.

Unless something goes terribly, horribly wrong in the run-off May election (and it won’t because I have faith), Macron will be the next president of France, and for this I am glad.


macron three

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