the Brussels bombings


In tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Eiffel Tower is illuminated in colors of the Belgian flag. Photo credit LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images


After reading many newspaper articles and readers’ comments, here’s the comment that I like the most (written in The Guardian newspaper by a commenter called Irish Humanist) –

We need Muslims to lead the eradication, in their communities, of every trace of Wahabbi/Salafist teaching, preaching, money-collecting, sympathy, indoctrination etc.

For the leaders of Muslim communities, media, politics and opinion to just continue their policy of writing condemnatory articles in the media and issuing press statements condemning the jihadis’ actions in Europe is totally ineffective and just not good enough!

There must be major public demonstrations of anger by Muslims against the Wahabbis/Salfis/jihadis. (if they have corrupted the message of the Prophet, why is the Umma still not eradicating them from their communities?)

(note from Juliet – Umma is an Arabic word meaning community or nation)

I have read many articles by Muslim leaders of opinion, saying they are “sick of being asked to apologise” and they have no responsibility for doing anything to root out the jihadi cancer in their communities. Well, that’s simply not good enough… it’s a case of passing by on the other side of the street and saying: “it’s not my problem.”

Here’s the solution – The Muslim community, en masse, needs to get out on the streets and show their anger in mass demonstrations (with the burning of Islamist flags and propaganda) in front of the offices of Islamist organisations (many in the UK) and the Gulf and Saudi embassies. Lets see some real anger and passion and really show those Wahabbis and jihadi supporters that the Muslim community really does not support them, and is truly angry with them, and wants them to get their tentacles and grubby paws off their children and communities generally.

The sad thing is that I have written the same message many times in the media in the past, but to no avail. The excuses keep on coming (“it’s nothing to do with us”, “why should we be expected to do anything?” etc..) from the leaders of Muslim communities and opinion, and the rest of the non-Muslim world still waits to see what the Umma is going to do, to show the Wahabbis/Salafis and jihadis that they are truly and angrily hated.

So, the majority of the Muslim community either does not want to demonstrate against the Islamists, or they are afraid to do so, or they are not really angry about the “misinterpretation of the message of Mohammed” by the Islamists. So, which is it? I blame the leaders of Muslim opinion, Muslim community leaders and politicians and commentators and journalists … they are all sleep-walking as their communities are being horribly infiltrated and their children being brain-washed – for God’s sake, wake up and lead your community in demonstrations of anger (and stop with the constant complaints about: “why should we take any responsibility etc…”)

3 thoughts on “the Brussels bombings

  1. Congratulations, Juliet. You nailed it. A sense of community responsibility, anger and opposition to violence is one of the keys. Cooperation with Law Enforcement authorities is another. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I would like to remind you that whenever an Israeli Jewish extremist commits an outrageous act of terrorism against Palestinians, )which sadly does happen from time to time) the overwhelming majority of the Israeli population, left, right and center, as well as the force of government, solidly condemns such actions.

  2. And the question is – why doesn’t the Muslim community express their indignation after each terrorist attack? Do they feel a sense of collective shame, or what? I want to know.

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