melons galore and summer fruit

What a perfect day today…far too beautiful to stay indoors!  We’ve been enjoying cool, sunny weather for awhile, but as from today things will be heating up, temperature-wise.

Grabbing my panier, I set out this morning to my local market to buy papaya, mango, ginger-root and melon, among other things.  Melons are in abundance this summer.   Monoprix was selling them for a euro apiece last week.

IMG_4840IMG_4846IMG_4841IMG_4842Mountains of Cavaillon melons from the Vaucluse region side by side with peaches, cherries and heaps of fragrant basil.  I’m on vacation for 10 days in August and plan to make a big batch of pesto as well as tomato sauce from scratch.IMG_4837IMG_4855IMG_4853IMG_4839We’re spoiled for choice in this land of abundance. Here’s a trio of fresh-caught rouget, bass and shrimp (prawns). IMG_4860IMG_4852IMG_4859I came across this stall where the most beautiful hand-woven baskets were being sold. “What is the material of these baskets?” I asked the saleswoman. “Plastic.” she replied.  Which means not only durable, but waterproof (great for the beach). I also loved her rings and bracelets.IMG_4871These ones you could slip your laptop into. Or papers and magazines.IMG_4879She works with a Mexican associate, she told me, hence the bright colours.IMG_4875IMG_4869I love them.  Unfortunately I had no cash left.  Even though I have a surplus of carry-all bags, I’m going to return next Sunday to buy one.IMG_4875Here’s the smoothie I made when I got home – melon, papaya, apple, coconut milk, orange juice, ginger-root, chia and hemp seeds.  And, as usual, I forgot the mint.  Why do I always forget to buy fresh mint?  Je vous souhaite un excellent dimanche !IMG_4886

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