my mayor (the mayor of Paris)

I am proud of my mayor.  Which is more than I could say had I been living in my home town of Toronto under the mayorship of Rob Ford.

It doesn’t matter if Anne Hidalgo’s legal action against FOX “News” for defamation does not achieve a final outcome.  What’s important is to respond to the lies and the incitement to hysteria that that right-wing racist TV station delivers.

Below is a profile of Anne Hidalgo in yesterday’s New York Times and below that, how FOX “News” was publicly mocked and satirized by French TV show, Le Petit Journal.

Let’s hope that FOX will think twice the next time it plans to propagate lies and right-wing messages of hate and disinformation over the air waves.

2 thoughts on “my mayor (the mayor of Paris)

    • I agree. But that won’t stop their propaganda machine. FOX is like a steam roller that moves on, crushing everything in its path.

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