the return of Sarko – Providence man

Nicolas Sarkozy lors du meeting du Trocadéro le 1er mai 2012. (Photo Philippe Wojazer. AFP)

Nicolas Sarkozy lors du meeting du Trocadéro le 1er mai 2012. (Photo Philippe Wojazer. AFP)

Look at him.  Puffed-up like a peacock and self-serving.  It’s as if he’s saying “MOI ! Votre sauveur.  L’homme providentiel.  (ME!  Your saviour.  Man of Providence.)  “I know it’s been an absolute cauchemar (nightmare) without me these past 2 years. And I know that 48.38% of the French electorate who voted for me in 2012 still adore me (well, look at me…how could they not??).”

“So vote for me again in 2017 and together we will bring our great nation back from the brink of Socialist ruin. Together we will restore France’s grandeur and regain the pride of being French.  Together we will make it happen.”  TOUS ENSEMBLE !

Sarko’s back in the game, folks.  And some people ask – did he ever go away?

After months of speculation, Nicolas Sarkozy announced his return on Facebook and then appeared on TV to officially proclaim his comeback.  8 million viewers tuned in.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Nicolas Sarkozy only served one term.  After performing his presidential duties for 5 years – from 2007 to 2012 – he was voted OUT.  (De Gaulle, Mitterrand and Chirac all served two terms.)

Here’s what the head of the Ecology Party in the National Assemblée, wrote: “Nicolas Sarkozy is not returning to save France…he ruined it. He’s not returning to save the UMP…he ruined it. If he is reinventing himself as the head of the UMP, would it be to save his legal skin?”

Sarkozy is still at the centre of a number of legal investigations.  In July, he was placed under formal investigation on suspicion of seeking to influence judges.  Other inquiries include links with former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and illegal campaign funding in 2012 to the tune of €363,600.

Personally, I’d like to see a woman president of France and here’s a name that’s being whispered in the back corridors of power:  Christine Lagarde.

If you remember, Madame Lagarde replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the head of the IMF after his fall from grace.

Here’s her profile from Wikipedia –

Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde is a French lawyer and politician who has been the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund since 5 July 2011. Previously, she held various ministerial posts in the French government as Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Employment and before that Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade. 

A noted antitrust and labor lawyer, Lagarde became the first female chairman of the international law firm, Baker & McKenzie. On 16 November 2009, the Financial Times ranked her the best Minister of Finance in the Eurozone and in 2014, Lagarde was ranked the 5th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

If Christine Lagarde should run (and some people say she’d never leave her cushy job in Washington to return to France), I’d back her.



7 thoughts on “the return of Sarko – Providence man

  1. Hi,

    Let it be known that Sarkozy isn’t the only president who didn’t win a second term. Giscard d’Estaing lost to Mitterrand in 1981 after he had been elected in 1974. Out of 6 presidents of the 5th Republic, three have been relected: de Gaulle, Mitterrand and Chirac. As for Hollande, we’ll have to wait until may 2017 to know.

    • Thanks for that info, Flocon. I should have done my research. As for Hollande….you don’t think for one second that he’ll be re-elected, do you? Alors, ça…ce serait la catastrophe absolue !

      • Of course Hollande is beyond pathetic, just he’s honest (but honesty doesn’t pay in politics) and dedicated to the common good whereas Sarkozy is a mafioso in search of personal revenge and a refuge to get protected from justice, Juppé has been condemned in justice and Fillon is the ghost of nothingness. Such is our political system that the choice is between evil and the deep blue sea, alas.

      • The ghost of nothingness…ha! ha! Yes, I agree with everything you say. I mentioned in my post the possibility of Christine Lagarde as a potential candidate for 2017. Yes, I know that she too is implicated in the Tapie affair (my god…are ALL French politicians corrupt?), but if she is cleared, do you think she would prove to be a viable contender?

      • What shocks non-French people living in France is the fact that it doesn’t seem to matter to the French electorate that most of their politicians have a history of corruption charges and were actually prosecuted.

        In other countries, they would have either voluntarily resigned or been forced to resign. End of political career. But not in France. Two nights ago an entire TV programme was dedicated to the glorification of Juppé on (state-owned) France 2.

        No-one asked him about his “séjour” in Canada in 2004 after being sentenced for “emplois fictifs” in Paris.

        Jean-Marc Ayrault, former prime minister, received a 6-month suspended sentence and a fine in 1997 for favouritism. DSK’s troubles in 1999. Harlem Désir, currently French Secretary of State for European Affairs, sentenced in 1998 for “emplois fictifs”. Sarkozy. Chirac. The list is long.

        And this particularly sordid addition – Jack Lang, now president of the l’Institut du Monde Arabe. Is it true that he engaged in pedophile activities in Morocco? It’s all over the internet.

  2. Lélection du président au suffrage universel (1962) is the root of all evil since it creates the conditions of a permanent underlying civil war between the right and the left, each part fiercely hating the other and conversely. The rightist electorate would rather vote for the devil than see anyone bearing the name socialist being elected anywhere at any post. Remember what the motto was among the right before WWII: “Plutôt Hitler que le Font populaire!”

    To the names you cite you can add the Balkany couple (Sarkozy’s best friends) who are convicted criminals and yet keep on being reelected again and again at Levallois.

    Don’t count indeed on French politicians to resign, these crooks are of the same fabric than Berlusconi.

    Tomorrow there will be a march in Paris by the ultra catholics (the same there are in Ireland, Poland and the US to name a few.

    Your question is valid and can also be addressed to the American voters of the Tea Party or the birthers: “Why are you so stupid?”. (hint: because we hate the others)

    Paradoxically, it is the reason why the Front National (which doesn’t plan to invade Poland) is continuously gaining momentum: A growing number of the electorate is totally disgusted by the current state of affairs. The only alternative to the current deadlock has a name: havoc in the streets, that is the only message the crooks on top of the hill can hear.

    I see you regularly comment on the NYT; We’ll meet again 😉

    • Oh, right, I forgot the Balkany couple. Remember that Corsican thug, Charles Pasqua, (Minister of the Interior in Chirac’s government) implicated in the Iraq “pétrole contre nourriture” scandal? Years ago, I saw him walking down the street and felt like shouting at him “Why aren’t you in jail?”

      You mentioned the Front National. Ha! As if they’re pure as the driven snow (blanc comme neige). And look at their track record in terms of prosecutions, not to mention their repugnant platform. Why doesn’t the French press remind everyone of Marine Le Pen’s attendance at “le bal de la honte” in Vienna in 2012 to dance with right-wing neo-Nazis?

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