a Sunday stroll along the river Seine

I had every intention of going to the organic food market this morning – the one called Raspail in the 6th arrondissement – but it was cloudy and threatening rain, so I stayed indoors.  And then at 2 pm the sun came out, so I grabbed my camera and went out.  I took the metro to Champs Elysées Clemenceau then headed to the Pont Alexandre III, Paris’s most elegant bridge.

Paris Oct 6 2013 020Paris Oct 6 2013 019I keep running into brides while out on my walks.   From the bridge there are steps leading down to the quay.Paris Oct 6 2013 037Here’s how Parisians while away a Sunday afternoon. Is this how you spell “while”?Paris Oct 6 2013 060Paris Oct 6 2013 041Guess what they’re lining up for at this Airstream food truck?Paris Oct 6 2013 036Paris Oct 6 2013 040Cheeseburger and coleslaw 12 euros, chicken salad 12 euros, cheesecake 7 euros, cookie 6 euros.Paris Oct 6 2013 051Here’s another food stand further along.  Guess what they’re lining up for?Paris Oct 6 2013 053Hot dogs with fried onions. And below at this riverside restaurant appropriately named FLOW….what are they eating?  You got it…a big burger platter heaped with crispy fries. A neighbouring food truck was selling Chicago hot dogs. This is the new food fad in France – burgers, fries and hot dogs. Food that I ate throughout the 1970s and 80s in Canada has just come over here now.Paris Oct 6 2013 049Paris Oct 6 2013 048Another current food fad here is bagels.  For 20 years I couldn’t find a decent bagel in this city. Now they’re everywhere.  I took these photos to prove a point: the French are loving American-style food.Paris Oct 6 2013 063Paris Oct 6 2013 064And who the heck says that French kids dress better?  Here they’re as sloppily dressed as any self-respecting North American kid.Paris Oct 6 2013 066Paris Oct 6 2013 067The word for riverside or embankment in French is berge.Paris Oct 6 2013 058Paris Oct 6 2013 057

Paris Oct 6 2013 054

2 thoughts on “a Sunday stroll along the river Seine

  1. Hi Juliette..in all the years we have come to Paris, we have never actually walked the quays along the river edge…something to do next time…
    your reference to the Raspail market reminded me of a Sunday, out taking a walk and we came to the completely unexpected once a month flea market that stretches West on Rue Grenelle..we ate up a couple of hours wondering around, winding up at the Cafe on Boulevard St. Germain at Rue de Bac where the sidewalk cafe lunch was perfect….I always appreciate how your blog jogs pleasant memories…of our favorite city.


    • Yes, something to put on your To Do list the next time you’re over here. The quays have changed a lot in recent years. Before, there was nothing…just walkway. Now there are lots of activities, food stands, etc. It’s true, Paris is a great city for wandering, sometimes aimlessly. In Manhattan you stride with purpose, in Paris you stroll. Thanks for reading!

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