New discount train service for France

It’s called OUIGO, it’s new, it’s cheap, but for the time being only covers the southern region of France which doesn’t help me at all because I frequently travel north.

What does OUIGO mean? It’s Franglais and it’s two words. OUI = “yes” in French. The phonetic pronounciation is “we”.  GO = “go”.  So when put together, it’s WE GO (which is a lot catchier than NOUS ALLONS.)

April 2013 – French rail company SNCF brought the ‘low-cost’ model to train travellers on Tuesday with the launch of ‘Ouigo’ – its new cheap, no-frills train service for France . Tickets start from just €10.  The new trains will link Paris and Lyon to Marseille and Montpellier on the south coast.

Trains providing the budget service will have no first-class section, no café or bar, and less free space, in order to take on 1,200 passengers, 20% more than a normal TGV service.  In addition, Ouigo patrons can expect to pay extra if they want to take a second piece of luggage on their journey across France.

Here’s the drawback – Ouigo services will depart from and arrive at stations outside the major cities of Paris and Lyon, which means travelers should factor in the added cost of connecting, for example, Marne-la-Vallée to the city of Paris itself – a 30 km journey.

Trains will arrive however in the city centre station’s in Marseille and Montpellier, 3h15min and 3h35min after leaving Paris .

Coming up: small, inexpensive, design hotels in Paris

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