A medieval village in south-west France

Mézin is a village of 1,500 souls located in the heart of Gascony (the department of Lot-et-Garonne) in south-west France. I travelled to Mézin to visit an English friend who lives there.  Here are some photos:DSCF1565DSCF1550
Here’s the town hall (below). As you can see, things are rocking:DSCF1473DSCF1474
You can just imagine walking down this narrow street in the Middle Ages, dodging the contents of chamber pots flung out of upstairs windows.DSCF1475Here’s the church of Saint John the Baptist that dominates the town square. It was built over an extended period of time, from the 11th to the 14th century:DSCF1558Here’s my friend’s house. When she bought it, it was a wreck. She had it gutted and renovated:DSCF1570DSCF1524DSCF1528DSCF1527The guest bedroom:DSCF1508Those windows were flung wide open so I could sleep with the fresh, cold air pouring into the room. When outside of polluted Paris, I can’t get enough of the clean country air.DSCF1539The town square:DSCF1566DSCF1567

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