Galette des rois

Dec 2012 + Jan 2013 Lille + Paris 021

There’s a different kind of galette here that’s not a crepe made from buckwheat but rather a flat, round flaky pie baked and eaten traditionally throughout the month of January.  The cake of Kings (translation of galette des rois) celebrates the holiday of Epiphany (January 6th), the day when the Three Kings visited baby Jesus. 

As if the preceding feasts of Christmas and New Year’s Eve weren’t enough, now in January we are tempted by these incredibly fattening but oh-so-flaky buttery pies filled with almond paste called frangipani.  Hidden inside the pie is a small porcelain favour called a feve (which can actually break a tooth if you’re not careful.)

The person who finds the feve in his or her slice becomes king or queen for the day and is given a gold cardboard crown to wear.  As you walk the winter streets, you see the enchanting sight of children coming home from school, their heads adorned with a golden crown.

Dec 2012 + Jan 2013 Lille + Paris 023

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